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Centre De Readaptation L'autre Cote De L'ombre

10475 Boul Becancour
Bécancour, QC
G9H 2J7

Téléphone: 819-222-8400

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I would just like to say that this theraphy has to me the best one there is I have gone to three theraphies, and only Lautre cote de lombre has the right staff to make a difference this theraphy focuses on personal confidence, and helping you set small medium and large goals and achieving them. I have been at this theraphy for a good year and a half I have learned so much from the staff and about myself. I have realised that if you want something you have to work for it. Before coming to this theraphy I lost everything my friends, my family, ambitions, my job, and thnx to the staff and my hard work I have for reason again, my family which I thought was lost now see me as a man with a future. The government says that only 1-3% that go to any theraphy actually succeed in staying sober and living a normal life (this is a load of hogwash!!) I have counted atleast 40 people since Ive been residing at (lautre cote de l'ombre) that have successfully achieved there personal success.
il y a 1585 jours (24 décembre 2012 7:43 PM)