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Milky Way Ice Cream

910 Victoria Ave
Régina, SK
S4N 0R7

Téléphone: 306-352-7920

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The ice cream stand is only opened for part of the year. It is a small little stand that has always had line ups from the time they opened many years ago. Some times when I go, there is an extremely long line and only a couple of staff members. Since there are soo many customers, the soft serve ice cream does not have a chance to freeze properly and it comes out too soft. If you can, try to go when there is a small line. The service is quicker and the ice cream tastes better. If you like hard ice cream, they have too many flavours to mention and occasionally change them. This way it gives you the chance to try soemthing different every time you go. Just a quick note, the prices are a bit more then other establishments but a person goes here for the novelty and the socializing as everyone in the city goes there at some point.
il y a 2144 jours (9 juillet 2011 11:15 PM)