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Sheena is very professional and friendly. She has all sorts of information on the product she sells. She is very quick to respond to emails and she gave me the best and proper information to use the product. I loved the product and the experience I had with Sheena. She is definitely worth buying from!
il y a 1 jour (17 janvier 2017 2:54 PM)
Really bad service I would never ship with r&s cargo ever again
il y a 1 jour (17 janvier 2017 2:39 PM)
L'avis de sur Grandeur Palace
I attended a family dinner here a week ago and really enjoyed the experience. The wait staff were friendlier and more attentive than other Chinese restaurants. The food came out delicious, hot and tasty and we enjoy several rounds. The place is bright and beautiful as its a newer restaurant and recently renovated. I would recommend
il y a 2 jours (16 janvier 2017 10:45 AM)
L'avis de sur Drain way
Super amazing experience
il y a 3 jours (15 janvier 2017 10:37 PM)
Officially not paid for the work that I did.
il y a 3 jours (15 janvier 2017 5:50 PM)
L'avis de sur DD Kingz
Great company. Awesome Drivers and for that Jerry Price complaining you are just probably another owner who is trashing other companies as I seen your nasty review for another company
il y a 4 jours (15 janvier 2017 4:31 AM)
L'avis de sur WRAP-IT SYSTEMS
One of many contractors I would have back to do more work.Jason came when he said he would. He worked with us to get as close to what we wanted and to stay in budget. He was very patient with us and explained costs and codes so we would understand. His work was exemplary. He and his assistant were curtious and cleaned up after themselves daily. Our project came in under budget and he passed the savings on to us, rather than keep it like other contractors have done. He was very adament about checking with bylaw and codes, which impressed us.
il y a 5 jours (14 janvier 2017 1:43 AM)
L'avis de sur Renergie
Bonjour, tel que discuter je vous envoie mes informations pour toute vos projet de pieux battue ou forée, palplanches, ancrage, forage
il y a 5 jours (13 janvier 2017 7:29 PM)
Allyson was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. She quickly gathered the information needed to obtain the best mortgage for me. I would wholeheartedly recommend Allyson to anyone looking for the best mortgage for them.
il y a 5 jours (13 janvier 2017 2:26 PM)
Allyson was great to work with. She was patient with all of our questions & very knowledgable. Would definitely recommend her services to anyone!
il y a 5 jours (13 janvier 2017 2:25 PM)
NuSkin products are truly amazing. I have been using different products for my skin from cheaper brands to expensive ones and could never get the results I was hoping for. I have now tried NuSkin and my skin has never looked better. I'm so happy that I bought it! It's definitely worth the investment!
il y a 5 jours (13 janvier 2017 10:59 AM)
Propriétaire D’Entreprise : Rich and Izabela Ramos
There's nothing better than a happy customer share their experience with millions of people.
Many thanks to Ewa for your kind review, we look forward to serving you & your family, you can count on us to provide you with the best most innovative anti-againg solutions on the market today. I encourage you to share this page on your social media profiles. Thank You!
il y a 1 jour (17 janvier 2017 11:32 AM)
Absolutely LOVE ❤️Izabela and her products!! Highly recommended!
il y a 6 jours (12 janvier 2017 7:29 PM)
Propriétaire D’Entreprise : Rich and Izabela Ramos
You are beautiful! Thanks Ania for a great review.

Internal minerals and supplements are really important as well as our skincare.
You know beauty is inside and out. The difference is demonstrated.

"All of the good, none of the bad" ingredients you always desire.

I'm happy we are able to provide you safe and effective products that is at the heart of what we do. We love helping people live a healthier life and look younger too!!!
I encourage you to share this page on your social media profiles.

Thank You!
il y a 1 jour (17 janvier 2017 11:42 AM)
ATP exceeds our expectations. We love how our pictures turn out. They are professional and always open to suggestions. Thank you for capturing our growing family.
il y a 6 jours (12 janvier 2017 4:18 PM)
L'avis de sur Buddy's Towing
Unbeatable fee, very quick, professional and knowledgeable. Will be my only choice for a towing company in Moose Jaw.
il y a 6 jours (12 janvier 2017 2:02 PM)
i have know Kevin since our high school years many many years ago. Kevin is very knowledgeable and supportive. There is no other person I would trust to help me along with this lifestyle. I have just started this and am full of energy and have a totally different mindset. It does take hard work, sweat and some diet changes but the results are there. I would highly recommend this and definitely recommend Kevin. Keep up the good work!!!
il y a 6 jours (12 janvier 2017 11:55 AM)
There is guy AL, He is very cooperative and honest. Genuine guy, very few of them out there who would give you fair opinion. I brought my Car from whitby, Rather than earning money out of me. He gave me fair opinion and such people go the Long way. This is a genuine feedback and you will find similar attributes in AL's service and the way he treats people. He is there to help and unlike others not to {expletive} your money! (Rahul from whitby)
il y a 7 jours (12 janvier 2017 3:23 AM)
L'avis de sur Lettrage Premier
Très bon service qualité prix
il y a 7 jours (11 janvier 2017 7:47 PM)
Great staff, great rates.
il y a 8 jours (11 janvier 2017 7:36 AM)
Kevin has helped me make positive changes in my life, I cannot thank him enough
il y a 8 jours (11 janvier 2017 1:08 AM)
I just bought a truck from car loans 411
il y a 8 jours (10 janvier 2017 10:14 PM)
L'avis de sur Capital Augusta
Très mauvaise place mauvaise gestion d'immeuble logement aucunement pas insonoriser on entend les voisin marcher et parler en permanence donc bye bye votre vie priver.Reperation très longue genre 2 semaine pour un lavabo qui coule etc.De plus les logement ne sont pas isoler donc très froids en hiver et extrêmement chaud en été.Le ménage est pas fait régulièrement .Puis il y a un petit vieux (Fernand) qui passent ces journée et nuit a scenner regarder la vie des locataire et a tout raconter. Sa porte d'appartements est ouverte presque en permanence jour et nuit il raconte tout mais vraiment tout sur les locataire a tout le monde donc encore bye bye la vie priver.Donc ne louer pas cette endroit
il y a 8 jours (10 janvier 2017 8:56 PM)
L'avis de sur AJM Leasing
I had a very good business with them. Marsha Gray
il y a 8 jours (10 janvier 2017 7:48 PM)
Amazing results - I've never felt so good!!!! Thank you Kevin!
il y a 8 jours (10 janvier 2017 6:57 PM)
Super impressed with this product! Kevin is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and could answer all my questions and concerns. The fb page is a must add for recipes and support. Would highly recommend this business.
il y a 8 jours (10 janvier 2017 6:54 PM)
Kevin is caring,committed and motivated to help you reach your goals with this product.
il y a 8 jours (10 janvier 2017 2:34 PM)