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Richard has been a great RMT over many years. Very professional and friendly & always leave feeling great!
il y a 3 jours (25 avril 2017 8:26 AM)
Excellent company with great security services. Always on time and answer calls quickly. Definately recommend their services.
il y a 8 jours (19 avril 2017 10:06 PM)
Amazing service! Competitive pricing. Wouldn't go anywhere else for my propane needs.
il y a 9 jours (19 avril 2017 11:32 AM)
L'avis de sur Dun-Rite Vac
Professional and friendly service ! Thanks for the great job.
il y a 9 jours (19 avril 2017 12:30 AM)
L'avis de sur Containers R Us
Probably has unbeatable prices because he doesn't pay his vendors invoices like mine (Elite Logix Inc) who are over 13 months old for a measly $600. Never picks up the phone or returns emails. If anyone wants a full story please email me. or 905 333-0400. This cannot possible be a real business but Gunter is a real scammer. Please also note that he is not BBB accredited and has done this to others. Visit BBB for others review. See you in court pal xoxox.
il y a 9 jours (18 avril 2017 9:41 PM)
Great customer service, very polite, punctual, very honest and trustworthy.
il y a 9 jours (18 avril 2017 9:40 PM)
A honest hard-working and proud Roofing company we do Roofing right
il y a 9 jours (18 avril 2017 7:37 PM)
Frank is the man, I came close to buying another car thinking it was the transmission. Now he has been my mechanic for a few years. But I decided to have him check it he diagnosed that it was the catalytic converter and he was right on. Needless to say I still have the car
il y a 14 jours (13 avril 2017 12:54 PM)
L'avis de sur Urban Studio Inc
Urban studios was a pleasure to work with. they were professional and punctual. We had an extension added to our family room as well as the patio doors opening to our new deck. I didn't even know an addition was possible until their team informed me of it. They went above and beyond and made sure we were informed and updated throughout the entire process. I would gladly call them again if I were to get any more work done.
il y a 15 jours (13 avril 2017 10:12 AM)
Aman is a great teacher and motivator offering a state of the art high tech workout condensed into 20 minuets sessions 2 times a week. I've never stuck to a routine until I experienced this one. Aside from being a kind and experienced trainer its never boring as she makes each session different. I've done over 30 workouts and not one has been the same. She is an authentic, patient and lovely person that offers the complete package.
il y a 15 jours (13 avril 2017 8:22 AM)
I see Dr. Morariu for a chronic condition. I rarely have to wait , he listens well, and doesn't push me to make decisions. The staff is friendly too. I drive from alta vista to go to this clinic because the quality of service.
il y a 15 jours (13 avril 2017 7:37 AM)
Great products. Great deals. Great service
il y a 15 jours (13 avril 2017 1:30 AM)
After a quick response and quote, on a store front window. The job was done successful and on time! I give them 5* Also like too add most affordable around in my city !
il y a 15 jours (12 avril 2017 10:14 PM)
Wow...I've been training since I was 12 & as Aman, I was an athlete all my life. When she invited me to try out this new training regiment I first scoffed at the idea. She then challenged me & assured me that she only needed 15 minutes of my time. Well she got 10 because I could not keep up. Not that it was hard but the intensity & effectiveness of it really amazed me. In 10 minutes I had a complete full body workout that lasted for approximately 3 days. I literally had to rest my body. It was so intense but so easy on my troubled joints. I highly recommend it for the people that don't have the time to go to a gym for hours as well as those suffering from old sports injuries or just wear and tears. I dare you all to give this a try and tell me about it. Blessings. ✌
il y a 15 jours (12 avril 2017 8:29 PM)
Super bon service!!! Je viens ici chaque mois depuis que je suis déménager dans le coin. On nous attends toujours avec un bon café et un beau sourire! :)
il y a 15 jours (12 avril 2017 4:59 PM)
L'avis de sur Morris Meadows
Come on and visit running under new management. So sorry to see the other comment please call maybe we can chat
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 11:44 PM)
Friendly office staff, very busy company but plumbers are great!
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 10:04 PM)
Très bonne compagnie.. Bonne équipe très efficace et rapide.. Un service impeccable.. Prend vraiment soin de vos choses.. Je recommande cette compagnie à tous vous ne serez pas déçu!
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 9:59 PM)
This company does amazing work and they stand by it. I've never ever had an issue. I would recommend them to everyone
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 8:44 PM)
L'avis de sur Déménagement LC
Très bonne compagnie de confiance et du travail de pro merci !!
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 8:36 PM)
Propriétaire D’Entreprise : Luc Côté
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 9:57 PM)
I was skeptical of these oils at first. Let me tell you, they do work. I sleep better, breath better and feel better. Give them a try. You will not regret it.
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 7:50 PM)
Propriétaire D’Entreprise : Loretta Thomas
Thanks Gord, I agree I was skeptical as well and now oils are apart of my every day life and when I run out I fret till the next order comes in... :)
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 8:20 PM)
I have a Phillip Stein watch and have tried several places to get the battery replaced; no one could do it on site. Fawaz was knowledgeable and fast; my battery was replaced in 5 mins at a great price.
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 6:09 PM)
Peter makes amazing oriental cuisine and his hamburgers are the best!
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 2:55 PM)
Wait time is too long even though the appointment was made. I've been waiting for 3 hrs with my pregnant wife. Terrible
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 2:46 PM)
Excellent Roofer would recommend 100%
il y a 16 jours (11 avril 2017 2:22 PM)