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Who knew taking First Aid could actually be FUN AND INFORMATIVE? I’m a certified instructor of many years and consistently I’m told by participants that despite having taken the course multiple times, they really enjoyed my class! It helps that instruction often takes place in the comfort of your workplace as I am fully prepared to COME TO YOU!! Or, if you prefer another suitable locale, I can accommodate that, as well. I currently offer the following St. John instruction: -EMERGENCY FIRST AID-CPR A & AED One Day - $100/participant Session covers: CPR and choking for adults, shock and unconsciousness, severe bleeding, head & spinal injuries, major medical conditions and AED (Automated External Defibrillation) training and certification. -STANDARD FIRST AID-CPR C & AED Two Days - $140/participant Sessions cover: All skills mentioned above in Emergency First Aid as well as fractures of the upper and lower limbs. Also, Level C CPR training and certification (Adult, Child, Infant and 2-Rescuer Resuscitation) and AED training and certification. -STANDARD FIRST AID-CPR RECERTIFICATION (CHALLENGE) One Day - $140/participant This challenge is open to those IN POSSESSION of a CURRENT Standard First Aid certificate from an Alberta OH&S approved program with Level A or C CPR and with or without AED. -ENHANCED STANDARD FIRST AID Three Days - $200/participant Sessions include: All components in the Standard First Aid course plus the additional electives included in the Student Reference Guide, AED certification and Level C CPR certification (Adult, Child, Infant and 2-Rescuer CPR resuscitation) is also included. I am pleased to offer discounts for large groups and repeat customers. Please contact me for further details in order for me to provide quality instruction to individual(s) or groups of up to 18 participants.
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