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inspection de maison et bâtiments banff ab

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Offering a complete range of Home Inspections for all residence types: single family, duplex, four-plex, apartment style condominiums and mobile homes. Home Buyers: You just placed an offer on a house that took you less than an hour to walk through. Are there any major repairs required or years of neglected maintenance lurking in your dream home? Have a Complete Home Inspection with a thermal scan and then read the comprehensive report for reassurance that your purchase is a good one. A Complete Home Inspection takes 2 to 3 hours and includes all the major systems of a house: roofing, exterior, garage, interior, structure, plumbing, heating/cooling, electrical, insulation/ventilation and built-in appliances. Every inspection includes a Thermal Imaging Scan to look for hidden leaks and heat loss areas invisible to the naked eye. The reports are generally delivered within a 24 hour period. Shorter deadlines can be accommodated upon request. Home Sellers: Have a pre-listing inspection done to assess the condition of your home before you put it on the market. Catch maintenance items and potential problems that may hold up the sale of your house. A pre-listing inspection is an inexpensive way to find the items in your house that need a tune-up before putting it up for sale. Don’t wait for the buyer’s home inspection day to find out there is a problem – be proactive and put yourself at an advantage in negotiations.
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