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532 Banff Avenue Unit # 5, Banff, AB, T1L 1C3
My name is Linda and I am a freelance professional make up artist specializing in bridal, special events, beauty and editorial make up. I also offer lessons, consultations, make overs and on-location services. Born and raised in a beautiful Eastern European country, Latvia, I left home in 2001 and have been travelling ever since. I have lived and worked in Switzerland, the USA, the UAE and the UK. I immigrated to Canada in 2007, got married and now have a very precious baby boy, and am starting this new business to be able to spend more time with him. I am a hospitality professional with a great passion for art, especially make up. I believe true beauty exists within everyone, and that I am just helping women enhance it with my artistry. Since childhood I have loved color: candy pink, sky blue, sunset red, and art in any form and shape. I have studied at the School of Arts in Vecmilgravis (Riga, Latvia) and I majored in 3 subjects: Oil Painting - this now allows me to better understand the color wheel, blending, matching, synergy and the impact of different colors on different skin types, eye and hair colors. Pencil sketching and drawing - my studies concentrated on objects and people in multidimentions, shadows and light, and their close depiction on paper. As the human face is also multidimentional, I understand that and am able to achieve better results in corrective make up. For example, hiding double chins, disguising a too wide forehead or any other visual aspects of the face using contouring techniques. Collage - a form of art where one creates new visual art from the assemblage of different forms and shapes sucj as photographs, paintings and newspaper cutouts. It promoted and developed creativity and thinking outside of the box in me, which oftentimes helps me to be original in my makeup work. I have also taken a course in make up artistry thereafter in Latvia and in UAE, but the foundation was laid back in the School of Arts. However, one must never stop studying and I am constantly updating my knowledge through courses, workshops, books and videos to strive for perfection. I am in the process of obtaining the International Certificate in professional bridal/ beauty make up artistry from NIIMD (Numa International Institute of Makeup and Design) in Calgary. In the end, I believe hard work, great knowledge and skills, attention to detail and a personalized approach to every individual I work with will bring mutual satisfaction.
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