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Ardrossan, AB
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pension pour animaux ardrossan ab

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53203 range road 223, Ardrossan, AB, T8E 2K1
A&S Kennel is a family owned and operated business service the Edmonton, Alberta region for over 50 years. Our Kennel is located in Ardrossan Alberta, just 5 minutes East of Sherwood Park. Our building is new and sits on over 10 acres of land with a state of the art furnace system to maintain optimum cooling and heating temperatures for your Pets comfort. Our tiled floors are temperature controlled with heating and cooling systems. We also have a 24/7 on-site security guard to protect our premises and your valued family member. All of our Runs have off the floor dog pens. Our Runs are 4 feet x 8 feet x 12 feet covered runs. We separate the small dogs from the big dogs for all of our runs. You can request to have a big dog and small dog from the same family on the runs. For your cats, A&S Kennels offer separate sound proof rooms with calming music for your Pet’s listening pleasure. Our Telephones are specifically only located in the office area to ensure we do not disturb your special family member during their rest time. A&S Kennel Inc. takes great pride in the services we offer and we have spared no expense to ensure you loved ones are safe, comfortable and in good hands. Contact us today!!!
A&S Kennel Inc. prides itself on building our business for over 50 years through repeat customers that have been referred to us. For those leaving their pets with us for the first time, we understand that this may not come easily, but you can rest assured that you will be leaving your special family member in experienced and caring hands. Your pet will receive personalized attention to all their needs, as well as plenty of rest and relaxation while you are away. Boarding Services: Each dog will have its own individual run (You can request two dogs from the same household to together if you prefer.) Like any all-inclusive resort, we provide everything that our guests could possibly want except for their food. As food is Pet specific we require the Owner bring their Pets’ food too maintain a healthy diet. Blankets, bottled water and bowls are all waiting for your pets arrival, but you are welcome to send anything your pet really enjoys to have from home. If the weather permits we also keep fresh bottled water outdoors for your Pets refreshing pleasure. Once this is done, we gear up the Pets to take them for their morning walk. All our Staff members are equipped with walkie-talkies to stay in communication with our office incase of an emergency to protect your family members you have trusted us with. At noon, we take the Pet’s back outside to do their business and then they are put for their afternoon siesta(nap). At 3pm our routine starts all over again from taking your family members back outside to do their business, afternoon walks etc.
53448 Range Rd, Ardrossan, AB, T0B 0E0
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