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soins aux personnes âgées airdrie ab

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Given the choice, most elders would prefer to continue to live in their homes. Our goal is to provide this important opportunity: keeping seniors in their homes as long as possible while fulfilling any needs and special requirements they may have. We support senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities and health care. Our aim is to help one age with dignity. We are caring, compassionate and understanding professionals who seek to provide client centered care within clients' own homes as much as possible. Our team understands that often over time, some elders my experience a gradual loss of the ability to function independently. For example, seniors at times may need assistance with bathing, dressing, personal grooming and preparing nutritious meals. The services we strive to provide are intended to extend the period of time a senior can remain at home safely and with a continued high quality of life. Our in home services allow family members complete peace of mind while they continue in their daily work lives or while on vacation. Contact us at 587-432-0107. We look forward to hearing from you.
JR's Senior Care Services, changing lives every day! Our professional team offers effective care and innovative programs. At JR's Senior Care Services we have extensive experience with patients afflicted with Alzheimer's. Duties we can provide are extensive and include anywhere from: - bathing - meal prep - cooking. We are a very compassionate and caring company who enjoys working with the elderly. We can help you establish government funding for up to 15$ An hour. We’re dedicated in creating a safe, respectful place for everyone. We offer overnight care! Call today for a consultation!
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