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Prüvit Ventures, Inc. (Prüvit) was founded with a very simple philosophy. Make. People. Better. Based on this core belief, the company set out to tackle the supplement world by creating the world’s first consumer based ketone supplement drink. We are primarily focused on evidence based products that help optimize your human potential. Prüvit is proud to be the worldwide leader in ketone technology. Prüvit is pioneering this new marketplace. With community as its focus and the power of social commerce, our philosophy is simple. We do not want to sell products; we want to inspire others to participate in this movement. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me today!
Plexus Worldwide® is committed to providing our Ambassadors with life-changing products and a unique and rewarding business opportunity. The combination of our products and opportunity help open the door to personal success and financial freedom. Plexus is a health and wellness company that's sole focus is on gut health. Meaning instead of the traditional shakes and so on, it gets to the root of any issue you may be having with any health goals. It levels blood sugars, hormone levels, reduces inflammation (everyone has it weather they know it or not) and much much more. A lot of people who hit a plateau in their health goals as well take this to rid of any extra candida (plaque) build up that's stopping them. So think of it as a total body detox. The main product is a product called Slim and it was designed for type 2 diabetics to stabilize blood sugar levels which has a side affect of weight loss. There is several other products such as multivitamins, probiotics, etc. Ex: say you paint your living room every year for 30 years and your 31 year you go to paint and you notice it's not sticking what do you do? Your scrape off all the old stuff right? And then paint fresh. Well this works the same way all that plaque build from the junk food, extra sugar, grease we eat and scrapes it of off the wall and brakes it down for your body to digest it allowing you to have frequent bowels.
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