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What is Mediation? Mediation is a non-adversarial, voluntary, dispute resolution process that uses an impartial facilitator to assist two or more people to resolve a dispute in a way that meets the needs of everyone involved. The mediator does not make decisions or come up with solutions for the participants, and the outcome remains in the hands of the parties. What are the Benefits? Due to the non-adversarial canvas, mediation offers a safe environment and the opportunity to be heard and understood by the parties involved. Personal/professional preservation of the relationship can also be acheived by the mediation process. As well as, time, money and energy saved not hiring a lawyer, awaiting court dates for the outcome of a stranger, the judge, to decide a solution. What can be Mediated? Almost every dispute can be mediated. Any parties willing to participate in the mediation process have the opportunity to resolve their disputes, preserve their relationships and/or come to an agreement on their own terms. • Separation/Divorce • Neighbour Relations • Real Estate • Labour Disputes • Business • Workplace Disputes • Construction • Landlord/Tenant • Contract • Family/Estate Please contact us at Impasse Solutions for any further information.
Airdrie Mediation Inc. provides an alternative method for resolving disputes, whether in the family or the workplace. We aim to facilitate resolution, improve communications, and ultimately preserve family and working relationships. We are committed to working cooperatively with disputing parties to reach mutually acceptable resolutions and helping to avoid costly legal and court processes.
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