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Acquire peace of mind by pre planning your cemetery and/or funeral arrangements, start with a plot or a niche or get all your arrangements done, the choice is yours. Join the 1, 000, 000 plus people that have pre-planned their final arrangements with us. My name is Dean, I am a Family Services Director with Mountain View Memorial Gardens. I am here to be of service to you and to help you gain insight to the world of pre-planning your final arrangements. Plan Ahead While it is impossible to predict what lays ahead, families can always take measures to minimize risk and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with well advised planning. Most Calgarians are familiar with financial planning strategies but few are versed in the issues surrounding the loss of a loved one, it's just not something generally talked about. The Family Registry Estate Planner explains and organizes everything you will need to know. It's free, it carries no obligation , and a simple conversation with me is the best way to begin your understanding of the relevant issues and the benefits of pre-planning. I can provide you with the details of our exclusive Family Security Benefit Plan, a proven plan that has been developed to ensure Calgarians can take advantage of the best protection, the real savings and the peace of mind they deserve. Why Plan Ahead? Reduce Stress by removing uncertainty for your loved ones at a time of stress and eliminate the risk of emotional overspending. Save Money- By making your investment in todays dollars, at today's prices and protect your estate from the high rate of inflation. Your Wishes- Guaranteed by choosing personalized, customized options that are just right for you and experience the peace of mind pre-planning can bring. Convenient Terms- Pre plan final arrangements with terms to fit any budget. Getting Started- Most people do not realize the extent of the items that must be addressed at time of need. With my help, you can plan ahead by making these important decisions in advance. It's easier, kinder and more economical to do it today, Together! Financial worries eliminated, peace of mind achieved! It is not meant to be a financial burden on any one but it truly is if nothing is done.
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