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I am 32 years old (forever 29), and new mom to a baby girl born September 27 2015. I am just beginning my journey with Beachbody, and couldn't be more excited! I am very nervous, however, as I have not done anything like this before and my own mobility (or lack there of) has stopped me from doing many things in the past. I will explain. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis at the age of two. From that early age, I was in and out of the hospital, having needles regularly, on many different medications to control the disease--as well as help with the pain--, doing exercises daily and in splints some days. From that moment I was looked at as "different" "fragile" and with "sorrow" or a "feeling sorry for" expression. I hated that more than dealing with the daily pain. That being said, I grew to be very shy and not wanting to come out of my shell all too often. Back then, my biggest goal was to never end up in a wheelchair---because, back then, that was the more likely future for kids like me. Well, at age 16 I went into remission from JA (whoohoo!)--but not before already enduring years of irreversible joint damage and pain. At age 17, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I learned cartilage was slowly dissipating from both my knees and hips, causing bone to rub against bone. I was told whenever the pain was too bad to bear I could have the joints replaced--but nothing else could be done. Now I just had to "live with" this new arthritis pain. At age 18, I had a total knee replacement done on my right side. At age 28, I had my left knee done. I am still living with the pain from my hips. After my first knee replacement and I reached into my twenties I started speaking out more, gained more self confidence slowly, and realized arthritis was a part of who I am and I didn't need to hide it or be ashamed to be "different". I joined the arthritis society as a volunteer, and was even the coordinator for the Walk to Fight Arthritis in 2014 and helped plan it in 2015. Today, I am still an advocate for arthritis but just a little busier as a full time mom! And THIS is why I am excited but nervous to start this journey! I am going to do the best to my own ability and I hope to inspire others who may think they cannot do this because of their own limitations! If I CAN do it-YOU CAN DO IT. :)
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